Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Columbia University has development plans to bulldoze approximately 18 acres in historic Manhattanville. I own a property at 3229 Broadway which is listed on the NY State and National Register of historic buildings and they want to bulldoze my property.... after they steal it away from me for their private purposes through eminent domain abuse. They have the first Masters program in historic preservation in the United States, and they insist they must own this historic property in West Harlem and then bulldoze it. I own(34 yrs) this building and operate a business here, 100% WBE, certified in NYC and NYS and they want to forcibly strip me of my property by eminent domain so they can build a biotech business park, complete with shopping, restaurants and some academic use. They are corporate in every way but legally. Our government is broken, working against ordinary, taxpaying citizens. Columbia University is tax exempt. Mr. Bollinger, CU president is known for his support of affirmative action. The actions of Columbia University speak louder than their words. Their plan is anti affirmative action and anti historic preservation. Anne Whitman


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